how to migrate an AT&T iPad to a AT&T Mobile Share Plan

This morning, I migrated my family’s three accounts to an AT&T Mobile Share plan. My expected savings, close to $100. Like all things in life, I’ll believe these savings when my bill shows up… ANYWAY, in the process, I couldn’t find a single damn instruction on how to bring my iPad 3 AT&T LTE to the Mobile Share plan. So, I called 611 (aka customer service).

After 30 mins peppering the pleasantly nice customer service guy, I have two options:

  • Go though a credit check and, as my 3 Gig plan has just renewed, wait for my current pre-paid plan to expire. Otherwise, they could reset my account and I could be on the mobile share plan today…
  • If I didn’t want to wait, I would still have to go though a credit check. Then, walk into a store to pick up a new sim to preserve my pre-paid service and start my “mobile share” account come mid-October. 
MY Solution: Wait till mid-October, have AT&T call me mid-afternoon (that’s nice), bitch about the credit check (that’s not nice), and migrate to the mobile share plan. 

Note: I’ve been a loyal AT&T account holder since 2005, and I just purchased the iPhone5 though AT&T. After spending the past year traveling back and forth to Europe and giving AT&T more money than I have ever given them in total, why do I have to go though a credit check?

We soon found out that very few people knew where to find such data or if it even existed. We were told that the NYPD tracked such data but did not make it publicly available. Various lawyers and public advocates pointed us to the City Council, which requires quarterly reports on summonses from the NYPD, but these reports merely showed the total number of summonses for each precinct and didn’t break the information down by type or demographics.

#PrezD2012, The American Presidential Debates, #NYTech style…

Hello New Nurd City!

With America’s Presidential election in full swing, the Open NY Forum and New Work City are teaming up to present you the 2012 Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates, aka #PrezD2012

Like all proper #NYTech events, we are going to nurd out at 11! We will have three screens – the candidates, our own backchannel (aka #PrezD2012), and (hopefully) a ‘truth sayers wall’ calling out all the “miss-facts” / “untruths” / or as the ‘real’ America calls them “lies…”

As we are startupistas, this is a BYOB event. Feel free to bring your favourite Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Black/Red or Rainbow drinking bingo board. Hell, bring a few copies for your neighbour. While seating is limited to 50, I can promise you the lies won’t be.

Don’t forget to bring your Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Black/Red, or Rainbow party propaganda and join us for #PrezD2012!!!

First Presidential Debate, Wed, 3 Oct –
Vice Presidential Debate, Thurs, 11 Oct –
Second Presidential Debate, Tues, 16 Oct –
Final Presidential Debate, Mon, 22 Oct –

From your friends at New Work City and Open NY Forum… If you wanna sponsor these events, we’re down with that too… Contact @Noneck on twitter. Donka!