#BikeNYC hosts Couchcrash ’10 on Governors Island

Governors Island is a small island located off of the tip of Manhattan. It’s one of those places where you go to get away from it all and this Saturday, that’s exactly what we will do. Once on the island, we will picnic and lawn game till our hearts burst with couchsurfing love.

We’ll be joined by Couchsurfers who are attending CouchCrash 2010 and NYC area cyclists who use twitter and other forms of social media to connect with each other. If you’re on Twitter search for #BikeNYC.

Note the following:

  1. Bring food, a blanket, portable water, and be prepared to share.
  2. We value style over speed. Dress to impress.
  3. You MUST repackage all adult beverages. The ferries are know to have check points that check for more than that. Be mindful of the rules. 😉
  4. If it rains, you are on your own. Visit @newamsterdamize for the latest updates.
  5. When in doubt call or SMS NoNeck’s hotline at +1.646.867.2263. 

This event will have four meeting points.

1. Bike Ride – 11:30 am – Meet at the Williamsburg/Greenpoint Greenmarket at 11:30 am. We will promptly leave at Noon to catch the 1pm ferry in Lower Manhattan. This route will take us over the Williamsburg Bridge and down the East Side Greenway. No need to dress sporty, we ride wicked slow. At the farmer’s market, we will meet in front of the Red Jacket farm stand at the intersection of Union Ave and Driggs Ave. We will promptly leave at NOON!

2. Manhattan Ferry at Battery Maritime Building (WE WILL ride to this ferry landing) – 12:50ish – 1:15ish pm – Since the Brooklyn ferry only takes 20 bikes at a time, meeting at the bottom of Manhattan is ideal for any large group of cyclists. If you are meeting us there via Subway/own bike path, look at GI’s website for the most up-to-date info.

3. Brooklyn Ferry at Atlantic Ave (We WILL NOT ride to this ferry landing) – 1:00 pm – Meeting at the end of Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. While I could outline all of the ways to get there, I advise you look at GI’s website for the most up-to-date info. Since it’s a first come, first serve ferry that only takes 20 bikes at a time, I HIGHLY recommend you get inline and meet us on the island. Note, it takes longer to board the boat than it does to ride the ferry to Governors Island. It’s a GREAT ferry to take to get off the island. 😉

4. Governors Island – 2:00 pm onward – We will be picnicking on the island in Noland Park, in front of the Admiral’s house. If you don’t have a bike, Noland Park is just up the hill from the Brooklyn Landing, and a 8 min walk from the Manhattan Landing. Consult a map if you need further directions.

** Once again, the weather… Since we can’t predict it, stay tuned to http://twitter.com/newamsterdamize for the latest updates **

Facebook Link – http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=120857984630586

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