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brittain ashford w/ musee mechanique

So I have the honor of getting to play with the amazing Portland based band MUSÉE MÉCANIQUE at the also amazing UNION HALL and I am so very excited about it. Both Micha and Sean possess a unique and haunting voice while maintaining complete control over their various instruments (read: SINGING FUCKING SAW). The rest of the band is equally mind blowing, playing assorted keyboards, melodicas, drums, etc. Their record, Hold this Ghost, was one of my favorites of last year.

So please come! If you only come to one show of mine this year– let it be this one.

C’était un rendez-vous. today’s vicarious adrenaline fix. french director claude lelouch’s unbelievable single-take film. he attached a camera to the front bumper of his car (there is some argument over whether it was a ferrari or a mercedes) and drove across paris at ridiculous speeds one early morning in 1976. the blur of pavement and engine sounds are simply intoxicating. from via geekfriendly > hud > machinetext: