how to migrate an AT&T iPad to a AT&T Mobile Share Plan

This morning, I migrated my family’s three accounts to an AT&T Mobile Share plan. My expected savings, close to $100. Like all things in life, I’ll believe these savings when my bill shows up… ANYWAY, in the process, I couldn’t find a single damn instruction on how to bring my iPad 3 AT&T LTE to the Mobile Share plan. So, I called 611 (aka customer service).

After 30 mins peppering the pleasantly nice customer service guy, I have two options:

  • Go though a credit check and, as my 3 Gig plan has just renewed, wait for my current pre-paid plan to expire. Otherwise, they could reset my account and I could be on the mobile share plan today…
  • If I didn’t want to wait, I would still have to go though a credit check. Then, walk into a store to pick up a new sim to preserve my pre-paid service and start my “mobile share” account come mid-October. 
MY Solution: Wait till mid-October, have AT&T call me mid-afternoon (that’s nice), bitch about the credit check (that’s not nice), and migrate to the mobile share plan. 

Note: I’ve been a loyal AT&T account holder since 2005, and I just purchased the iPhone5 though AT&T. After spending the past year traveling back and forth to Europe and giving AT&T more money than I have ever given them in total, why do I have to go though a credit check?

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