at first, i thought that @corybooker’s blizzard tweets made for goodwill & good PR, but don’t represent actual good leadership or management because Mayor-as-grandma’s-shoveler or Mayor-as-311-operator-on-twitter isn’t scalable. And he should spend his time building capacity and infrastructure and systems for how a city handles the blizzard. he should be in meetings, making important decisions.

imagine a bloomberg or obama responding to citizen call-for-help tweets… ridiculously unscalable.

but now i realize there’s potential in what he’s doing that can have even more scalable impact: he’s modeling what he wants citizens to do: engage. if people tune in and see him engaged & helping people — and he calls on THEM to engage & help each other, the impact potential is incredibly scalable.

when has bloomberg or obama actually, specifically, directly asked people to help each other or connect with each other?

ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do with each other.

and if they asked while they were in-the-trenches modeling what they wanted other people to do — not in a photo-opp way, but in this @corybooker-twitter way — a lot of people would get swept up & involved. and/or feel obliged.

it’s like a company where the execs are doing, making, building — not strategizing and meeting.

in a human-scale 21st century, the giant organization organization-man feels antiquated — while @corybooker shovels, tweets, and inspires others to do the same.

(via heif)

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