Jeffrey Deitch has developed a reputation for giving his artists unheard of budgets and benefits to create their work. Couldn’t he hand the gallery over to one of his three gallery directors? Are the beautiful spaces on Grand and Wooster doomed to be converted into fancy boutiques? Why must commerce and art always be so awkward around one another?

So Cameron’s technological constraints and innovation drove choices that would have have otherwise been purely creative. Code became law on Pandora. Sometimes the origins of code’s constraints are artificial (such as copyright law) but sometimes they’re just practical constraints like software and CPU horsepower, and I think that’s what happened here.

brightbike stolen, shine your lights bright!

stolen brightbike

tonight, my buddy’s bike was stollen.

out of all the bikes stolen in NYC, this is NOT the one to be riding around at night. it’s the first brightbike, and it glows when someone shines a light on it. over next few weeks, do me a favor and shine your lights bright!

if you do see it, send a tweet to @mandiberg. also, keep your eyes out for other stolen bikes via the bikewatchNYC blog, #bwnyc or @bikewatchNYC and #BikeNYC.