We Built This City: The State of Civic Technology, with Code For America and IDEO

We Built This City: The State of Civic Technology, with Code For America and IDEO

Laggard agencies and agencies mismanaging contracts are going to be more exposed than they ever have been,” said John Kaehny, the executive director of Reinvent Albany and the co-chairman of the New York City Transparency Working Group. “We’ve looked around at dozens and dozens of fiscal transparency sites,” he added, “and this is pretty much the best one out there.

But this is the brilliance of this otherwise kind of boring episode: the discourse it’s sparked. It’s not enough to simply acknowledge that, like the Slate guys, you’re prejudiced against the idea of a physically imperfect woman being able to enchant a hunk like Joshua. You should be asking yourself why that is. Because if we’re going to talk about privilege when we talk about this show, then we should talk about privilege in all respects: like how value is assigned to a woman by how she looks. And how that valuation determines the level of bullshit that people will tolerate from her. It’s a conversation worth having, and a tip of the hat (or flash of the tits?) to Dunham for having the ping-pong balls to challenge not just her critics, but those kinds of appraisals.

Since at least some New Yorkers have adopted the name, we think using it will help the public find information that will help them be prepared and safe during the storm – and that’s our goal in communicating during severe weather,” Julie Wood, the mayor’s deputy press secretary and voice behind @NYCMayorsOffice, said in an email. “We know that a lot of New Yorkers get their information via Twitter and that’s why we put information there and on other social media platforms with great frequency during severe weather. We want that information to be searchable and easy to find.

And New York City is at the core of the phoenix-like rise in US manufacturing. Says Matt: ‘Brooklyn is a really exciting place to be with Maker’s Row, because the makers community is huge here. [The] manufacturing scene doesn’t get as much appreciation as it should in the New York area, but it’s a huge opportunity for us to be stationed here.’

Can MakersRow.com Bring Manufacturing Back to America? (Forbes.com) A New York City success story, via NYCEDC Entrepreneur at Large Steve Rosenbaum. (via nycedc)