NYU student occupation has video

as my own work has firmly entrenched the idea of creating your own media (ie my work during the Beijing Olympics), especially when it comes to under serviced/reported political actions, i’ve now discovered that Take Back NYU! has been live streaming vis-a-vis Ustream. sadly, at this very moment, they are off the air.

in this age of techo-political theater, if you want to control the message, you MUST control the media. in my two cent, arm-chair activist review, i think they should have gotten a mogulus stream and pre-packaged their asks into an endless number of videos clearly illustrating their demands while splicing in live feeds from their occupation. at a minimum, these kids should be twittering updates and taking their message directly to the public. BUT don’t get me wrong, this is one step up from the New School occupation

btw, if anyone has access to these kids, someone should slip them a cell phone with qik and teach them to twitter. if the cops/authorities do decide to use force, there’s nothing more dramatic than a jostling moving image with people screaming/chanting “don’t tase me bro!”

good luck comrads!

Streaming live video by Ustream

Join Spot.us Investigate the Killing of Oscar Grant

BART shooting captured on video

do you remember the unbelievable new years shooting of an unarmed man at a Oakland BART station? now, my friends at Spot.US are tackling an investigative citizen journalism piece.

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Dear Spot.Us Supporters,

Spot.Us is at it again! This time it is for a cause that is as old as civic journalism itself: the struggle between authority and those who are violently stricken down by authority.

As many know, Oscar Grant III was fatally shot by a BART police officer on New Years eve 2008 at the Fruitvale train station in Oakland, Calif. The subsequent protests and riots proved just how potent the subject of race and power is in Oakland. It is no surprise that our investigation into the Oakland Police department (ongoing) was funded by so many concerned and generous citizens in Oakland only four days before this shooting.

We are writing to you now because we believe the young man and father, Oscar Grant, deserves to have his story told. It’s an issue that concerns the Oakland community and affects us all.

Who was Oscar Grant?  How does this play out in the history of race as a palpable subject in Oakland?

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Your small donation is an investment in community-driven reporting.

There are countless untold stories in the Bay Area, from Oscar Grants death to the phasing out of Oakland schools (another Spot.Us pitch) and they need your support.

Journalism can make a difference – in some situations, it can be the legacy of a man fatally shot down before his time. Lets make sure his story is told.

Your small donation will go towards the short documentary about Oscar Grant.

Learn More and Take Action! – http://spot.us/pitches/101

The Spot.Us Team
David Cohn – Director
Kara Andrade – Online Community Organizer