In research and development, the complexity involved in nanoscale innovations represents a daunting challenge. This challenge is driving a sweeping change toward breaking down the silos — from individual company-centric “Kremlins” to the intellectually open, innovation sharing, “Acropolis.”

NY State Senate 2.0 – this is big!

in 2004, i came to NYC to work for the NY State Senate. after my old boss became the Lt. Gov (now gov), i parted ways and set sail around the world.

now my friend, Andrew Hoppin (@ahoppin, former NASA scientist, coworking advocate, drupal fan, second life adventurer, and big west clark fan), has been hired as the first New York State Senate CIO. THIS IS BIG NEWS FOR geeks, activists and policy wonks.

i know he has ambitious plans that will change how state governments interact with their constituents (ie State Gov 2.0). mark my words, this is BIG.

btw, they are hiring.

The New York State Senate is back in Democratic hands for the first time in 43 years, and there is an immense amount of new technology-driven government transparency & efficiency work underway.  I’ve taken on a newly created position as CIO, and we’re hiring asap in Manhattan, Albany, and around the State.

We’re looking for coders, database gurus, online organizers, and web designers in particular, and even a few more policy people to work with Central Staff, as well as for individual Senators who want to make online organizing a priority.

Drop me a line for specifics!

Andrew Hoppin