You can set a message like “!Gather 7pm at 1st and Main” or “@press please don’t photo faces” or “#Legal Aid is 2125551212″, or even just motivational messages “#staycalm #noviolence” or “#theworldiswatching”. If people like what you have written, they can change their status that message, and rebroadcast another 30 feet in whatever direction they are headed. Again, it is basically Twitter combined with doing “the wave” at a football game, except the wave is powered by these little super computers radio stations we have in our pockets.

One of the tenets at Google[x], she said, is to offer two-thirds “yes and” feedback and one-third “yes but” feedback; in other words, people aren’t supposed to say no, and they’re not supposed to go overboard with their criticism. Another is to move quickly. Apparently the first prototype of Google Glass was built in about 1.5 hours. Yet another is bringing together diverse minds, meaning that she wants Google to be “the best company for women and minorities” not to mention “gays, lesbians, different races, different walks of life.”