CapitolCamp 2010 Recap, with videos! #Gov20

“CapitolCamp is a new way for Albany to talk about the use of technology within government. This peer-to-peer conference blends the best of Web 2.0 with Government to address our specific needs while not requiring any one to spend a dime. At CapitolCamp there are no vendors, no consumers, only users who learn from each other on what can go right and what can go wrong,” – Noel Hidalgo, organizer of CapitolCamp with the New York Senate’s Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Thanks for making history @CapitolCamp!

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By the blog posts and post *camp conversations, it seems everyone had a great time. Since Monday, we’ve uploaded all of the videos to the NYSenate Uncut channel. Don’t forget to tag your posts with #CapitolCamp.

As we get back to our offices, homes and projects, it’s important to keep this conversation moving in multiple directions. Keeping with the spirt of Barcamps, we’ve created a Google group and other channels for you to keep the conversation going.

Additionally, you should upload your notes to our CapitolCamp wiki and if you are free 27 & 28 June, head down to NYC and continue the conversation at ParticipationCamp.

Thanks again to all of you who came out and many thanks to staffers at
NY Senate CIO
NY Senate Technology Services

and our citizen organizers:
Matt Cooperrider
Not An Alternative
Beka Economopoulos

Thanks for everything!