brittain ashford w/ musee mechanique

So I have the honor of getting to play with the amazing Portland based band MUSÉE MÉCANIQUE at the also amazing UNION HALL and I am so very excited about it. Both Micha and Sean possess a unique and haunting voice while maintaining complete control over their various instruments (read: SINGING FUCKING SAW). The rest of the band is equally mind blowing, playing assorted keyboards, melodicas, drums, etc. Their record, Hold this Ghost, was one of my favorites of last year.

So please come! If you only come to one show of mine this year– let it be this one.

Nerdcore Rising @ 92st Y

<i>Nerdcore Rising</i>New York Premiere. MC Frontalot and band will join Negin Farsad in a post-screening discussion.

Investigating the newest wave of hip-hop, Nerdcore Rising follows the godfather of the genre, MC Frontalot, on his first national tour. Beginning in South Carolina and culminating in nerd mecca – the Penny Arcade Gaming Convention in Seattle – masses of fans across the country come out to bask in the Front’s geek glory as he strives to achieve mainstream success.

Music industry notables provide insight, including music-nerd celebrities Weird Al Yankovic and Jello Biafra. Old school trailblazers like Prince Paul and contemporary hip hop aficionados like J-Live examine the legitimacy of nerdcore as a subgenre of hip hop.

buy tickets at the 92stY’s website!