THE_MESSAGE 2014.39 – This week’s hacknight, #CfASummit, & Best of #CfASummit event!

This week, BetaNYC is in two places at once!

Tomorrow, a new crew of community leaders will take over hosting hacknights & #CivicFreeSchool. As we grow, we’re excited to grow BetaNYC’s leadership team. Join them tomorrow at Dev BootCamp and keep hacking the planet!


Chris, Ariel, and I are out in San Fransisco for the nation’s primer civic technology and design conference. Code for America is putting together one of the world’s best open government and civic technology conferences:

Additionally, CfA will live webcast their main stage speeches.

During the event, catch the buzz on Twitter #cfasummit:

On October 15, BetaNYC and Microsoft will co-host a #CfASummit in NYC / best of BetaTalk. Join us online or on October 15th and learn about the latest in technology and design!

Also, Code for America has archived 62 speeches from 2013 here:

Webcast time zone converted (starts 2:30 pm Pacific time, Tue Sept 23. then 1:30 pm day two and three): 

See you on the internets!!!

– BetaNYC Leadership Team