I’m running for the NY Tech Meetup’s Board of Directors.

Vote Noneck for the NY Tech Meetup

I know that New York City is the best damn city on the planet. I see this meetup and its board as a platform of information and innovation. Our board must embody our best ideals and be it all that it can be. We MUST put our 501c6 status to good use and fight for a better tomorrow.

As a board member, I promise an unprecedented level of transparency. I want us to use our 501c6 status to advocate for tech innovation. I plan to work with you to get “nytm.org/about” to say something meaningful (srrsly, a year and it still has WP.com text?). Like all good 2.0′s, we need a good API. If I can build an API for New York State Senate, you bet I can build one for a network of techies. BUT this API is a bit different…

Association, Participation, Innovation

Association – Let us add diversity to our network by adopting affiliate meetups that represent the diversity in our community.

Participation – Let us participate in creating a more open government. Let us crack the nut that binds us and demand better Open Data. Imagine a world where our tax dollars are a direct investment into our apps. Imagine a city that respects it’s technology community and does not simply placate it. We can do this!

Innovation – Let us fight for lower taxes and innovation credits for our community. Did you know that S4046-2009 is a bill in our State house that would give anyone who contributes to “open source” a $200 state tax credit? NO? Since we are a 501c6, we can do this and more!

Let us dream about the future, and make history today. Let’s build an API for a better tomorrow!

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