“Is this the real life or is this a fantasy?” a #BikeNYC weekend!

“Is this the real life or is this a fantasy?” a #BikeNYC weekend! (link to facebook)

Can you image a New York without cars? On Saturday, 14 Aug, you won’t need to!

On Sunday, 15 Aug, @BrooklynByBike will fill your belly with street food!

This Saturday the weather is going to be perfect! We are rounding up the troops for a full day extravaganza. We will start off with #BikeNYC Tweetup at Summer Streets, experience a few dumpster pools, and enjoy a car free Park Avenue. Then, we will head down to Governor’s Island for a picnic and lawn games.

Since this is a citywide experience, we have multiple pickup points.
– From 10 am till 1pm, we’ll be on Manhattan’s Park Avenue singing the bohemian rhapsody.
– From 1pm till late, we join North Brooklyn’s Croquet and Bocce society on Governor’s Island for lawn games, picnicking and adultness.

Saturday Morning Meet Up Points w/ Departure Times…
Greenpoint, Brooklyn – 9:30 am – @noneck will take people from the McCarren Greenmarket, over the W’burg Bridge to the SoHo rally point. (The ride will promptly leave at 9:30am. If you want to shop for fruits and juices, please plan on arriving one hour to 45 mins early. We’ll be the bike gang in front of Red Jacket Orchard’s fruit and juice stand.) 
SoHo, Manhattan – Kenmare & Center St – 10:15 am – @MikEpstein will meet you and head north.
Central Park – 72nd Street & Park – 11:00 am – Everyone will converge.

Saturday Afternoon Meet Up Points…
TriBeCa Whole Foods – 1:00 pm – First, @noneck will lead the pack to swing by Whole Foods for picnic supplies.

Manhattan Ferry Building to Governor’s Island – 1:30 pm – @noneck will take people to Governor’s Island to meet the North Brooklyn Croquet and Bocce Society.

By 2:00 pm we should be on the island. Once on the island, we will be in Nolan Park close to the Commanding Officers House. This area is filled with houses and is closest to the G.I. – Brooklyn Ferry landing. If lost, feel free to call Noel at +1.646.867.2263

Two things you should note about North Brooklyn Croquet and Bocce Society events.

1. Bring appropriate attire, eg hats, sunglasses, linen, lace, appropriate bathing suits, towels, sunblock, blankets, etc…

2. Be civil and discreet. If you are bringing stuff to share, which we hope you do, bring some for everyone. Adult beverages must be repackage into discreet containers.

Sunday, @BrooklynbyBike is riding from Brooklyn to Queens for a kickass Street Food Ride. RSVP on facebook.

See you Saturday and/or Sunday!

ps – @noneck will be hosting another ride to Governor’s Island the following weekend. Details will be posted to Couchsurfing.com.

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