I read a book called ‘Good to Great by Jim Collins once. He spoke about the Stockdale principle in relation to long term p.o.w. Prison camps and how optimists were not the ones who survived. Realists did.
The reason was that the optimists kept thinking they would be free soon but they never faced the reality that they may never get out. As a result they were constantly disappointed and died in their cells many . But the realists dealt in facts. The reality of their current circumstances. They were the ones to survive.

I am often asked why my Spandex® bicycle riding costume features eight hundred and thirty corporate sponsorship logos even though I do not actually have a sponsor. The reason for this is simple. For every thirty male bicycle riders there is one female bicycle rider and, as in nature where the most adorned peacock gets the peahen, the male bicycle rider with the most brightly coloured Spandex® and most corporate sponsorship logos gets to mate with her.

a small subculture of RadioShack nostalgics, including many former employees, have watched all this unfold with sorrow — if not a feeling of betrayal, then at least loss. The last nails are being hammered into the coffin of the little electronics hobby shop they once loved. And the cell phone seems to be an apt symbol for the superficiality and ordinariness they feel are taking its place.

I’ve had some older conservative leaders say: ‘Richard, stop this. You’re going to split the conservative coalition,’ ” Dr. Land continued. “I say it might split the old conservative coalition, but it won’t split the new one. And if the new one is going to be a governing coalition, it’s going to have to have a lot of Hispanics in it. And you don’t get a lot of Hispanics in your coalition by engaging in anti-Hispanic anti-immigration rhetoric.

This Friday, #BikeNYC Tweet up at Adeline Adeline

With summer in full swing, who wants to ride a bike like Lance Armstong? This is why we’re swinging by Adeline Adeline to show you some stylish rides, an opportunity to meet other #bikeNYC’rs and catch up on some refreshing refreshments.

Please join us at 6:30 at Adeline Adeline, 147 Reade St (btw Greenwich & Hudson), TriBeCa.

After 7:30 or so, and possibility weather dependent, we’ll head up the west side greenway to a little port of call with drinks, food and sunset on 70th street, pier i cafe.

*btw, a few people will be meeting up at Kiva Cafe, just a few doors down from Adeline Adeline, around 5:30 or so for tea and crumpets.

**what’s a tweetup? it’s a physical gathering of NYC cyclists who also use social media. you can see our on going conversation at #BikeNYC.

ps -> facebook event page here.