The top spot for those arrests was the 75th Precinct, which had 3,036 last year. It covers Brownsville, the epicenter of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk strategy. “The police are taking this too far,” said Brownsville resident Natalie Robinson, 29. “Everyone knows that poor blacks and Latinos are going to be affected by the police in the worst way.” While marijuana topped the arrest list, violating the open-container law was the No. 1 summons last year – 132,225 were issued, almost a fourth of all NYPD tickets. That was followed by disorderly conduct, motor vehicle violations and riding bikes on the sidewalk, according to figures from the Office of Court Administration. There were 21,136 tickets in the bike-riding category, comparable to the number of arrests for theft of service, which includes fare-beating.

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