My favorite part of the Dutch bike fashion is the art of looking effortless (and even glamorous) while using the bike as something that has the ability of carrying as much as a Hummer stretch limo. Today, I passed a woman carrying an eight-foot ladder on her shoulder. Then, cycling down the canals, I saw a bright red bike outfitted with silver metallic details, several baskets and matching striped bags, boxes, and baskets. The owner was a woman wearing heels, tights, a large flouncy skirt and big jacket to match. What caught me was not just that she was able to bike so fluidly in un-ripped tights, a skirt that was not catching in the wheel, and stilettos that didn’t cause a big fuss at every stop light because they were caught in a cobblestone (a situation I have encountered far too frequently), but that she was talking on the phone while taking bites of an apple and still managing to carry an umbrella, three shopping bags, a basket full of Dutch tulips, a toddler, and two dogs; and was riding in perfect fashion down the entire canal.

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