More of our friends and colleagues may lose their jobs in the coming months, and it’s our shared responsibility to help them whenever possible. In this new year, it is simply not going to be enough to just meet your bottom line, but to help others who may not be in a position to be so entrepreneurial or carefree.

Twitter payment using Tipjoy has had a great initial success with the @wellwishes campaign. Just through tipjoy, we’ve raised $11,740.74 from 545 people. The median donation has been $2, meaning hundreds of people gave casually. This is a pretty big change, I think, and I hope Tipjoy grows to help non-profits at Twitter grows.

Just recently Craig Newmark and Joe Trippi both gave through Twitter. One cool thing about this is that twitter retweets are really powerful. Super users on Twitter try something, and lots of their followers see it and try it out too. That makes this campaign not only a great experiment in casual giving, but also a passively viral donation engine. Two other campaigns I’m really excited about are the Google Lunar X-Prize and The Salvation Army. :: our 2 ¢: An update on MicroGiving using Tipjoy on Twitter (via giantrobotlasers)

Alot to unpack in here, including (a) casual giving in a (b) social/viral way.

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Let’s not go into this next year with blind enthusiasm or crushing anxiety, but with a great sense of kinsmanship and and eager promise. Let us all work together to do what we can to grow our network into a future titan of industry. One that contributes to the community and the economy, global and local.

Greg Storey’s thoughts on the current state of things. (via peterbaker)

Porsche’s move took three years of careful maneuvering. It was darkly brilliant, a wealth transfer ingeniously conceived like few we’ve ever seen. Betting the right way, Porsche roiled the financial markets and took the hedge funds for a fortune.

Betting the wrong way, Adolf Merckle took his life.

A very readable explanation of a winner-takes-all poker game, where a number of hedge funds got taken by Porsche. How strategically played by Porsche may not be known for many years, but hedge funds bet like mad against them … and lost all.

ivan krstić · code culture » How Porsche hacked the financial system and made a killing

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In a sentence: A global collective which enables self-directed individuals  to thrive in their pursuits, allowing these individuals to spend more time  working in their pursuits, allowing these individuals to spend more time fulfilling their core-competency . As a collective we focus on big problems for social good through collaboration in small teams, multiple, self-assembled teams, form, disband, and reform around meaningful betterment .