“My theory is that, just as young people don’t have to buy a whole album on iTunes and can pick and choose just the songs they like, they can customize their political views — and they do,” said Kristen Soltis, a Republican pollster who is the communications adviser to Crossroads Generation, a new pro-Romney “super PAC” aimed at young voters.

Young Republicans Erase Lines on Social Issues – NYTimes.com

Then why in hell do we have to have a two party system? If I want to aline myself with particular values, do I really have to choose between the right and the left?

The news these days is filled with polarization, with hate, with fear, with ignorance. But while these feelings are a part of us, and always will be, they neither dominate nor define us. Not if we don’t let them. When we reach, when we explore, when we’re curious – that’s when we’re at our best. We can learn about the world around us, the Universe around us. It doesn’t divide us, or separate us, or create artificial and wholly made-up barriers between us. As we saw on Twitter, at New York Times Square where hundreds of people watched the landing live, and all over the world: science and exploration bind us together. Science makes the world a better place, and it makes us better people.

These differences are to help activists effectively tie into the city’s services. In turn, the information gathered by the project can help shape how a city’s services are run. “It is a learning platform for the city’s administration as much as its people,” says Hill. It aims to be nothing less than a new way for cities and community groups to collaborate on the future of the urban fabric.