a note on using my bike.


i use it to get everywhere. sometimes i will take the train if i have to be dressed up or if it is raining really hard. i try and ride as much through the winter as i can. pretty much i am on it through most of the week if i am leaving my house. whenever  i run into people they always make comments about fitness and how awesome it is that i stick to riding my bike and how they never have the time to get out and exercise.

it really pisses me off because of my size. i am not rail thin, am bigger than average and sometimes the conversation then leads into dieting. i just hate when people make assumptions. who the fuck said i am doing this to lose weight? why is being active always related to dieting? why can’t i just thoroughly enjoy riding my bike? it is my vehicle of choice. you choose yr car that you drove 12 miles but sat in 2 hours of traffic and i choose this bike that i managed to carve time into my life for. and  i just hate the fucking diet talk, period. it’s so fucking annoying getting into typical diet talk with women who are fucking thin because well, jeez you must be looking at me like some sort of fucking huge fat failure. and that is fine, i just don’t want part of this conversation.

frankly, if i only rode my bike to lose weight, i would probably not do it and not because exercising isn’t great. releasing those endorphins, clearing my mind and feeling strong are fucking amazing. but diet culture is fucked up and i’m not going to be part of it anymore.

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