bklyn 2.0: the reboot

hello gang,

over the past few months, eric has been looking for a new organizer. a week or so ago, i picked up the reins as that new organizer. as a 5 year resident of greenpoint, former NYC taxi driver, active bike commuter, world traveler, geek and activist, i’m really excited to see how WE can reboot bkln 2.0.

my vision of a bkln 2.0 isn’t too different than what eric originally planned. i too am looking forward to monthly meetups, but instead of a south bkln focus, i want to cross pollinate the best of the north and the south. honestly, i know we can churn milk into butter.

beginning with this month’s meetup, i’m looking for YOUR help. i cannot do this alone. to do this, i’m looking for a committee of passionate, co-organizing bkln-ites who will help organize future events: bike rides, volunteer events, and, last but not least, social/happier hours. if you are up for the challenge, let’s do it!

as of now, i’ve opened up the email list for the following topics of discussion.

• next meeting, June 24? north or south? in the north, i propose a happy hour at spuyten dyuvel, williamsburg. in the south, someone will have to host or point me to a righteous location.

• additionally, first co-organizers meeting, June 17 or 18. at my house; email me noel(a)noneck.org.

• as for future meetups, i was hoping we could start to venture to places that embody bkln 2.0 things or partner with orgs that embody the bkln 2.0. also, i think it would be fun to add non-drinking events on the menu. while i love beers, they don’t always jive with how i want to treat my body.

thoughts? post them to http://www.meetup.com/bkln20/

(via: bkln2.0.tumblr.com)

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