New York is moving ahead for transparency. Next Friday the New York State Senate will be hosting a CapitolCamp, which will focus on using technology to increase transparency. This is a great event that citizens of New York can attend and have a voice in the transparency movement of their state. Sunlight Labs’ Eric Mill will be there also. There are new initiatives and advances that happening quickly in New York and I’m very happy to see the state speed along to transparency way.

Our country has had a long love affair with the automobile. Since its invention, the automobile has provided us with the freedom and liberty we yearned for since we took those first baby steps. The automobile took us further and faster than we could have ever done by self-propulsion. But that speed and distance has brought the world to the edge of extinction. We must now look at the automobile with an understanding of what it really is. We must look at the movies and songs that celebrated the automobile with a new consciousness and awareness. We must look at the automobile as a cigarette–a cancer stick–a nail in our collective coffin.

The site will include a snack-shack which will serve Brooklyn-based products. The shack will also act as a space for local organizations to display print materiel. It will include a public seating area, where anyone is welcome to come and hang out even if they do not want to play or eat. This area will also act as an event space where we will hold events. These events will further explore the theme of sustainability began by the golf holes and will include workshops, panel discussions and film screenings.

It is reasonable to expect that those bikers, who put their safety on the line every day to get to work, can be motivated with an emotional appeal to their commuting experience. It is also reasonable to assume that championing their safety in a high-profile confrontation will make these commuters highly motivated to both turn out to vote, and to vote for their champion.