Mobile Tech4 Social Change NYC

Event details

  • A one-day event on Saturday, 21 February 2009 in New York/Hunter College’s ’Black Box
  • Exploring mobile tech to advance social development and social change goals.
  • Interactive, particpatory, hands-on.
  • For anyone interested in how mobile phones are changing the way we.

Hosts and Hunter College’s Integrated Media Arts Program



  • Building mobile apps for change
  • Mobile Fundraising 101
  • An primer on mobile social marketing
  • Mobiles for health
  • Citizen media via your phone –apps and lessons learned
  • Mobile activism in India
  • Has the Revolution Started Yet?  Mobile Tech and the Power of Individuals and Groups.
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an into to the flatvista project

in 2007, noneck noel ventured around the world to connect with the bits between us all and live a life without walls. in 2009, he found another friend who claims to help one live a life without walls. so he’s sending his rock star friend – an unopened, unadulterated, misunderstood copy of Vista Ultimate – for the ultimate life without walls experience – a no holds bars 444 day journey around the world.

originally shunned by it’s owner for being a “bad copy” and society as flawed, flatvista seeks social acceptance beyond the scope of just being software. it wants to live up to the dream of a life without walls. accompanied by a blank moleskine journal, the “Ultimate” software experience wants to take it’s misunderstandings, personality flaws, and put itself to good use. 

starting at the end of February, a wrapped flatvista will travel for 444 days in an attempt to circumnavigate the globe and visit all seven continents. for every day of the journey, hosts are requested to fill out one page of the accompanied moleskine journal, take photos and shoot videos. the best content will be published to

from the mountain tops to the strip clubs – this will truly be the ultimate software experience! join our troubleshooting group and help us out.

* this project is not associated with Moleskine nor Microsoft. all uses of copyrighted / trademarked names are held by their respective IP blah, blah.

Williamsburg Election Night Photos/Video Needed

photo by eqx1979

We are collecting and compiling photographic & video evidence of the arrests and / or police misconduct from the gathering at Bedford Avenue and North 7th St in Williamsburg on Election Night (Nov 4/5, 2008).  Please send photos and videos (or links to photos / videos already online) to the email below.
Written statements are also encouraged.  Whether you had a camera or not, your story can be helpful.  Write us and tell us how you remember the night… what you saw, what you heard from the police, etc.
Please email to:
Thank you.
For more info, please  visit:
The content you provide will be solely used to help the cases of those arrested and will not be used for press or given to the media.

By sponsoring these technology forums, Not an Alternative hopes to help local community groups better understand how to use these commercially-used technologies from an organizing perspective. Several of the speakers at the forum stressed that the applications could be obtained inexpensively and did not require buying computers or the latest mobile phones.