Sharing an office with a direct competitor could be a contentious working situation in some business’, but not for Rosen or Drumm. Although technically competitors for clients, the different Drupal vendors are in constant contact, not only because they come from an intimate group of friends, but because of the open source business model that Drupal is based on.

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“There are so many civic hacking lessons to re-learn from the #CivicSpace days.” – Noel Hidalgo

Drupal for State and Federal Agencies / Government

Holla! I’m really excited and somewhat perplexed that no Drupalista started a group to focus on Drupal for State and Federal agencies / Government. Now that this group has been approved, I’m super excited to meet fellow Drup’s who are deploying Drupal at the State and Federal level!

First and foremost, if you are looking to deploy Drupal at a local / municipal level, you should check out .

Otherwise, let me provide a bit of background on why I decided to form this group. After three years, I once again find myself at the New York State Senate. Unlike last time, I now work for the Senate Majority Leader Malcom A. Smith and in the office of the CIO (aka Andrew Hoppin of Civicspace and Trellon fame). My first task, as the office’s inhouse technologist/druaplista, is it to work with an outside vendor to convert our preexisting site into Drupal. As we are less than a month from deployment, I wanted to find other Drupalistas who are working within State / Federal organizations to discuss best practices, collaborative development and shared resources.

When you join this group, please state why you’re here and introduce yourself to the rest of the community.

Btw, what do you think of the hash/tag #Drupal4gov?

ps – please don’t judge me for also being a tumblr user. can’t we all just get along?

NY State Senate is looking for geeks!

The NY State Senate is looking to hiring one drupal ninja, a systems engineer / integrator and graphics designer.

From Andrew Hoppin, the NY State Senate’s new CTO… “The New York State Senate is back in Democratic hands for the first time in 43 years, and there is an immense amount of new technology-driven government transparency & efficiency work underway.  I’ve taken on a newly created position as CTO, and we’re hiring asap in Manhattan, Albany, and around the State.

Specifically on the geek side of things, they are looking for three or four full time people in New York City.

  1. A Drupal Ninja – this developer knows the LAMP stack backward and forward.
  2. A systems engineer / integrator – who knows the in’s / out’s of the latest technology and can whip up software as a service (SaaS) systems at the drop of a hat (aka LAMP, Ruby, *NIX, etc.)
  3. A graphics designer – with experience in “web 2.0” information architecture, PHP, CSS, etc.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, they should contact Andrew Hoppin directly at < >. Candidates should also include resume / portfolio and salary expectations.

Just the messenger.