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an nyc geek cabaret?

from flickr "Cabaret photo session #2" by fide
from flickr: “Cabaret photo session #2” by fide

it’s a cold january thursday night, and in your hands you have two tickets for the inaugural NYC geek cabaret. in small print it reads, “appropriate attire required” yet you know that the people organizing this event have rarely worn a suit, let alone a tie. too boot, this is held at some obscure manhattan theater where “booth & table service” is offered in clear print. while your mind begins to wonder on who will be attending, you see that the nyc geekatti have have hashtaged their way out the door.

once you arrive, the top hatted door man checks your ticket, while your date holds the door and you slip into a dimly lit theater. once inside and past coat check, you realize that everyone is gussied up – from 1980’s prom dresses to the finest in steampunk attire – NYC’s geek community spared no opportunity to shine.

as you walk though the theater looking for a table for two, you see all the familiar faces. just as you find your candle lit table, you sit down as the house lights flash signaling the immediate start of the show. as you look around for the waiter, you see the glowing faces of NYC’s geek community quickly twittering away their anticipation…

starting in late january, maybe early february, i would like to start a bi-monthly nyc geek cabaret to celebrate the couture that is with in us all and to bolster the culture behind the geeks who make up the NYC geek community. harking back to traditional cabaret, the night would embrace the spectacle of theater and be broken into four/five acts with a master of ceremonies. ranging from magic to home made thermions, the nyc geek cabaret will be the venue were the geek community opens the door on their personalities.

to start, we need to find the following:

  • a venue (examples: the tank, 92st Y tribeca, eyebeam)
  • a date (maybe around v-day)
  • acts
  • partners (Glowlab, Dorkbot, NYC Resistor, NextNY, Universities, etc)
  • and event volunteers (ushers, pr, videographers, etc.)

what are your thoughts?

in the meantime, i’ve started a discussion google group at http://groups.google.com/group/geekcabaret_nyc_discuss 

ps – work hashtag/tag = nycgeekcabaret