Work @ Jelly / Open House – FRIDAY, Jan 30th

happier hour


friday, 30 jan 2009, williamsburg coworking throws open it’s doors to celebrate belgium’s legalization of same sex marriage, the birth of FDR and the assassination of the great freedom fighter, Mohandas Gandhi and the launching of Greenpoint’s USS Monitor.

on friday, we will host “work at jelly” and at 2pm we will pipe the inaugural session of “Jelly Talks featuring Chris Messina (Board member, OpenID) and Dave Morin (Senior Platform Manager, Facebook). starting at 5pm, we will break into a vivacious happier hour! we hope that you can clear your schedule, snag your laptop and join us – this friday (25 July) from 9:30 till 7pm!

we guarantee to cross two items off on your to-do list…

1. be productive during the day.
2. meet some of the most wonderful people.


The Change You Want to See – 84 Havemeyer Street, storefront – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Map.
Subway: _-L- to Bedford, -J- to Marcy, or -G- to Metropolitan.


Coworking: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Jelly Talks:
2pm – 3pm. for this hour, we will be projecting a life video stream from San Fran with audio. this might be disruptive to some people.
Happy Hour:
5pm – 7pm

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Williamsburg Election Night Photos/Video Needed

photo by eqx1979

We are collecting and compiling photographic & video evidence of the arrests and / or police misconduct from the gathering at Bedford Avenue and North 7th St in Williamsburg on Election Night (Nov 4/5, 2008).  Please send photos and videos (or links to photos / videos already online) to the email below.
Written statements are also encouraged.  Whether you had a camera or not, your story can be helpful.  Write us and tell us how you remember the night… what you saw, what you heard from the police, etc.
Please email to:
Thank you.
For more info, please  visit:
The content you provide will be solely used to help the cases of those arrested and will not be used for press or given to the media.