Dear Tumblrs,

I made you a present!

It is a funny video show deployed entirely over tumblr, vimeo and facebook.  But really, it’s a show made by a tumblr for tumblrs on tumblr.

Wonderful Life is about two people (played by comedic actor/writers Mike Camerlengo and Melissa Osborne) who agree to become paid video bloggers for a daily health regimen called Wonderful Life.  Wonderful Life promises clients the discovery of the meaning of life in just six weeks.  To back their promise, Chris and Lindsay are hired to create biweekly video blogs about their experience following the regimen over the course of a month.  But what if it doesn’t work?  Worse, what if it works for one person and not the other? 

Check out the preview video above AND if you’re still interested…

watch the preview for the first week

keep an eye on wonderfullifedaily.com

start following chris and lindsay on tumblr


Love, Liz

Apparently, something called Project Upstream is sending random messages to two people and then hooking the two people up to instigate a conversation.  Neither person knows that they ’sent’ a message first.  Usually, (or, as in my case, always), the messages are ignored by both parties.  After receiving a few of these, I Googled around and found only the nixiepixel article above, though she links to some other info as well.

(Via Greg’s new blog Crotchety Times.)