1. In the summer of 2009, The New York Senate was the first government organization to post code to GitHub, and that fall, Washington DC quickly followed suit. By 2011, cities like Miami, Chicago, and New York; Australian, Canadian, and British government initiatives like GOV.UK; and US Federal agencies like the Federal Communications Commission, General Services Administration, NASA, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau were all coding in the open as they began to reimagine government for the 21st century.

    — Government opens up: 10k active government users on GitHub

  2. Penate scoffs at those in the United States who suggest that Central American kids are using the violence merely as an excuse to seek asylum in the United States. “How can you argue with it?” he says. “You see it every day here on TV, kids getting recruited by the gangs, and if they refuse to join they get shot.” Ideally, he says, the ATF would have one or two people in each Northern Triangle country. He hadn’t heard that his agency had passed on the emergency funding. “That money would come in very handy,” he said ruefully. That he is doing his work with so little support symbolizes the U.S. attitude toward its responsibilities in Central America. We turn from the refugees fleeing north, as our firepower heads south.

    — Guns Fueling Immigration from Central America Come from U.S. | New Republic

  3. Hopefully we can put the government in the people’s pocket

    — De Blasio Signs Bill, Embraces Civic Tech Community for City Record Online

  4. Sharing an office with a direct competitor could be a contentious working situation in some business’, but not for Rosen or Drumm. Although technically competitors for clients, the different Drupal vendors are in constant contact, not only because they come from an intimate group of friends, but because of the open source business model that Drupal is based on.


    Drupal Nation: Software to Power the Left | Digidave

    "There are so many civic hacking lessons to re-learn from the #CivicSpace days." - Noel Hidalgo

  5. I f’ing love New York City.

  6. A new tool to look at NYC's most dangerous intersections →


    Akil Harris has created new tool to look at NYC Crash Stats. This online map takes NYPD’s improved crash stat data and gives you easy access to the following views - City Council districts, Community Board zones, Neighborhoods - as defined by the city, Police Precincts, or Zip Codes.

  7. Almost 20% of NYC BigApps 2014 projects were built by BetaNYC! →



    This is phenomenal! This year’s NYC BigApps 2014 has grown what we pioneered last year. Last year, we helped changed the focus of NYC BigApps from being a “startup” competition to a “civic challenge” competition. No longer is the challenge to build a company, but now it is to solve a civic problem.

    This year, the community has responded. Tomorrow is the first big milestone and by the looks of it, BetaNYC members have submitted close to 20% of the apps!

    If you are a BetaNYC member and participated in NYC BigApps 2014, please add your name to this spreadsheet.

    Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorite project.

  8. New York’s Shadow Transit →

  9. BetaTalk: Meet Code for America's fellowship team & former fellows →

    About the BetaTalk

    Since 2010, Code for America has been asking technologist and designers “what can you do for your neighbor?”

    For this BetaTalk, we will have Alexander Tran and former CfA fellows talk about the fellowship program and their experience. To learn more about the Code For America Fellowship program, learn more about the program or apply today.

    Schedule for the night

    7:00 - Doors open with meet and greet happy hour 

    7:30 - Presentations begin 

      - Alexander Tran, CfA Fellowship Program Manager 

      - Former fellows 

    8:45 - Closing socializing 

    9:30 - Event concludes

  10. My grandfather’s toe tags. RIP Antonio Hidalgo Soto.  (at Hospital San Carlos Borromeo)

    My grandfather’s toe tags. RIP Antonio Hidalgo Soto. (at Hospital San Carlos Borromeo)

  11. For nearly two decades, every rising barrier and reduced speed limit has been tailored to this seemingly impossible goal, of eradicating traffic deaths and serious injuries, and its guiding premise: Every inch of street space must anticipate, and accommodate, human error.

    — De Blasio Looks Toward Sweden for Road Safety - NYTimes.com

  12. Through Twitter, these moments offer the reinforcement that even if you’re watching an event alone, you’re not alone in experiencing it. In these moments, we share in the roar of the crowd in moments of victory, we unite in hope or heartbreak in moments of tragedy, and we make and record history together.

    — A love letter to Twitter | Stopdesign

  13. Calling all shuffle board players

    SHUFFLE BOARD PLAYERS NEEDED on Monday’s from 6:30 till 8:30 in Gowanus.

    For the last 10 weeks, friends and I have been playing shuffle board league at the Royal Palms Shuffle Board Club in Gowanus. Our club, Gowanus Swim Club is ranked 12th in the City!!! We’ve just renewed for league round #2 and need 4 - 5 more players! 

    Roughly, it is about (less than) $100 per person. We need to find 4 - 5 committed individuals who will attend 6 weeks of play. In total, there are 8 to 10 games. Orientation starts 5 May. First league night is 12 May. 

    Who’s in?

    Email me (noel(at)noneck(d0t)org) or comment below.

  14. You’re not going to teach a coal miner to code. Mark Zuckerberg says you teach them [people] to code and everything will be great. I don’t know how to break it to you … but no.

    — Michael Bloomberg: You can’t teach a coal miner to code — Tech News and Analysis

  15. Gentrification is over. It’s gone. And it’s been gone since the dawn of the twenty-first century. Gentrification itself has been gentrified, pushed out of the city and vanished. I don’t even like to call it gentrification, a word that obscures the truth of our current reality. I call it hyper-gentrification.

    — Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York: On Spike Lee & Hyper-Gentrification, the Monster That Ate New York