Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck told a group of bicycle advocates that department-wide training would be implemented to highlight the rights of bicyclists on the road and ensure that officers know how to deal with incidents involving bikes. Beck’s statements come amid growing complaints from cyclists that their rights are being infringed by drivers. It marks the first time top LAPD brass has publicly addressed the issue. Beck said bike riders are “our most vulnerable commuters” and that the police department needed to do a better job protecting them. “We hear you, we know we need to do a better job for you,” Beck said.

If you’re in your 20s in NYC and into media and culture, get drunk, get laid, get some kind of job (plenty of restaurants), take in all the experiences you can, write about them, pitch them to editors, meet people, fall in love, don’t listen to anyone telling you about a “career,” build things, be part of something you care about, don’t listen to anyone who has never done what you tried…and by your early 30s you’ll decide to get into a trade, either medical, mechanical, etc. Never get stuck working in an office. Never think there is one path. Always be creative.