Fred Wilson has an interesting take on the relationship between the entrepreneur and the venture capitalist. “I think venture capitalists, first and foremost, need to feel like their job is to make entrepreneurs successful. So I think of venture capital as a service business. The entrepreneur is your client. It’s a very weird relationship because the entrepreneur is not exactly paying you, even though they really are paying you. But they absolutely can’t fire you. In fact, you can fire them. So it’s among the weirdest kinds of service relationships that one could come up with.”

Kundra visited Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) to encourage students there to apply “new international standards for persistent government data (and metadata),” otherwise known as the semantic web or Web 3.0, to’s datasets. These standards will make it easier for governmental data to power deep-linked data mash-ups combining various data sources in a consistent way.