Apple is killing the creativity of their developers with the uncertainty of their App store policies. We made it through okay, thankfully, but I can only wonder about how much more interesting the store would be if Apple had given developers a clear list of rules, and promised to stick to it. The Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt people have about the App Store was entirely optional – Apple brought it on itself, and it’s not going away.

Derek Powazek on Designing for iPad while developing the @NYSenate iPad app, we feel the same way.

If AirBnB et al are so smart then they’ll figure out a way to thrive in New York’s new legislative environment. These are, after all, disruptive times. But if they can’t understand the fact that disruption cuts both ways, and that the right of Internet folk to create awesome new business models doesn’t trump a city’s right to disrupt criminality, then it’s time for them – not the hotels industry or legislators – to get out of the way.