#ScooterTalk, advice needed… What should I do?

It appears that my used 2006 Vespa GTS 250 was used (15k miles) & abused (left outside, never washed, & spent 7 months next to the seaside). Also, it spent the last year in storage. I purchased the bike for $2k. 

The mechanic swears that this bike was submerged but the previous owners swears that it wasn’t. After an exhaustive review, they say i need to put in close to 50% of purchased price ($1200) for repairs and routine maintenance that might or might not have been done at 15k miles.

The biggest line items are:

  • new regulator + time to replace regulator.
  • 15k service work.
  • drive belt and rollers
  • flushing out all of the fluids and replacing all the filters.
  • new battery

Should I…

A. just do enough work to flip it in the spring?
B. do all of the service work and if something else breaks, flip it?

If A, what is the minimum that should be done?

  • Just replace the regulator, batter, title it, and flip it in the spring?
  • Replace the regulator and 15k service work and ignore flushing the fluids?
  • etc?

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