Most of these issues would have been easy to clear up by simply contacting us for comment about the Tor section before finalizing the review document. We’re all working towards the same goals and working together allows us to properly address community wide concerns. However, for this report no attempts were made by the authors or the reviewers of the document to fact check Tor related issues before the document was finished.

The actual basis for the Freedom House review is a scientifically flawed survey that does not measure the properties that it claims to measure. From performance to security, the report presents mistake after mistake. The core of the review is non-technical in nature and yet the entire circumvention landscape is quite technical. To eschew technology when performing an actual review of technical merits is a grave mistake and it serves to discredit any merit that the report might otherwise have had as a whole. In the future, we hope that an open and technically sound review performed with community input will take the place of this flawed, superficial qualitative report.

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