Especially since downtown is becoming more of a 24/7 community, below Chinatown, Lower East Side, you have so many more people living there. That means you’re going to have so many more deliveries. The easiest way to do it is to plan it. After 9/11 there was so much confusion down here, most of the vendors would only come here one or two days a week… You can have, deliveries have to be between this hour and that area and then you’re out of here. The retailers, and the offices, after awhile it would be like the smoking, “oh we hate it.” After awhile it would become a natural course of business… Same thing with the bike paths. Like Central Park. You can drive through Central Park at certain times. And certain times you can’t. Have the bike paths the same way. When there’s congestion because of cabs, people are going to work, they’re doing business, or deliveries in the morning then you say, listen, you can’t really use the bike paths now. But between 5 and midnight, there are no cars on that street. Let’s close the street down. You know, they’ll get around. There’s not that much traffic anyway down here during those hours… You just put up some signs, and after awhile people would know. start giving out some tickets, word travels fast.

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