CapitolCamp – This un-conference is about convening a trans-partisan group of citizens and civil servants (and perhaps even elected officials?) to come together and share ideas about how technology can make New York State Government work better for all the citizens of the Empire State.

This first CapitolCamp is sponsored by the New York State Senate, and will include a session track about how the Senate is using technology to reinvent itself, and to brainstorm on the road ahead.

Another session track, with participation by the New York State Office of the Chief Information Officer, will focus on how technology is being used to transform State Agencies.

A third session track will focus on comparing and contrasting New York State’s use of technology in its government with that of other States.

Follow @CapitolCamp on Twitter and join us on Friday, June 5th at the New York State Capitol for the inaugural CapitolCamp.

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