Twitter payment using Tipjoy has had a great initial success with the @wellwishes campaign. Just through tipjoy, we’ve raised $11,740.74 from 545 people. The median donation has been $2, meaning hundreds of people gave casually. This is a pretty big change, I think, and I hope Tipjoy grows to help non-profits at Twitter grows.

Just recently Craig Newmark and Joe Trippi both gave through Twitter. One cool thing about this is that twitter retweets are really powerful. Super users on Twitter try something, and lots of their followers see it and try it out too. That makes this campaign not only a great experiment in casual giving, but also a passively viral donation engine. Two other campaigns I’m really excited about are the Google Lunar X-Prize and The Salvation Army. :: our 2 ¢: An update on MicroGiving using Tipjoy on Twitter (via giantrobotlasers)

Alot to unpack in here, including (a) casual giving in a (b) social/viral way.

(via betaworks)

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