It’s good to see the House stand up for itself and to assert the need to fix this bill. It is more than within the realm of possibility to do this bill and to do it better if Dem leaders show the will to do so. That might mean telling Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu (who really should not be allowed to go in front of cameras) to take a flying leap–we’ll pass these important reform without you. So be it. It would be good to see some of the anger and pressure where it should be focused, on the obstructionist ConservaDems.

Jobs is keenly aware of the digital transition from PC to cloud centric programs and services. It’s imperative Apple lead in this transition or risk ceding leadership in media to others such as Amazon, Real, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. Lala will help Apple protect their media franchise from encroachment by accelerating their cloud efforts. iTunes users can expect mobile iTunes in 2010.