Mike Flower’s work isn’t sexy, but it is the best example of #Gov20 at work. Another great video of his is from DataGotham 2012. Clogged drains + Waste Pickup + BioFuels = win, win, win! 

These two videos are a must for anyone who is trying to understand data science within Government.


Mike Flowers, Director of the City’s Policy and Strategic Planning Analytics Team, explains how the city has been using building data to crack down on illegal apartment conversions, which helps prevent fires. As a result of this effort, building inspectors saw a five-fold increase in the uncovering and remediation of illegal conversions. 

…the [USPS] has a unique asset that could allow it to make money by collecting valuable data that would contribute to the country’s safety and economic health: its far-reaching network of trucks. The service’s thousands of delivery vehicles have only one purpose now: to transport mail. But what if they were fitted with sensors to collect and transmit information about weather or air pollutants? The trucks would go from being bulky tools of industrial-age communication to being on the cutting edge of 21st-century information-gathering and forecasting.

CapitolCamp 2010 Recap, with videos! #Gov20

“CapitolCamp is a new way for Albany to talk about the use of technology within government. This peer-to-peer conference blends the best of Web 2.0 with Government to address our specific needs while not requiring any one to spend a dime. At CapitolCamp there are no vendors, no consumers, only users who learn from each other on what can go right and what can go wrong,” – Noel Hidalgo, organizer of CapitolCamp with the New York Senate’s Office of the Chief Information Officer.