The following transcript presents an excerpt of a conversation between Governor Ronald Reagan of California, artist Marcel Broodthaers, cultural anthropologist Edward Said, and actress Jane Fonda. The session was moderated by Maeve O’Reilly. Please note that the respective computer terminals for each participant were identified by the names of gods from Roman mythology and have here been changed to reflect the actual names of the participants. The application, still in its early stage of development, had limited syntax capability, thus punctuation was limited to the full stop. Also, the original timestamps for each transmission have been removed for the sake of legibility.



Pakistani-American photojournalist Sadaf Syed was recently recognised by President Barack Obama and officials at the White House for her groundbreaking photo documentary, iCover: A Day in the Life of a Muslim-American COVERed Girl. Capturing the diversity in thought, style, and livelihoods of American Muslims around the nation, Syed’s photographic montage stands to illuminate Muslim women, removing the layers of misconceptions about them through visuals and words.

After obtaining public nominations of participants for her photos, Syed set out to travel across the United States with her two young children and their double strollers, trekking state to state, going through airport scanners, and “random checking,” to photograph and capture the stories of women who wear the hijab across the country.

By Shazia Kamal