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In this way, CATS’ ads—all of which can still be seen on his campaign website—are both a delight and a perfect representation of the candidate they were designed to sell. They worked, even though they didn’t. They were expensive, but too knobby and odd to hold much of a polish. They failed, but they were baffling and wonderful.

CATS for New York, now and forever | Capital New York

if you ever wondered how many Brooklyn-based bookstores it takes to create a one minute make-out scene inside of a bookstore on Girls, the answer is confusingly: two.

GIRLS Asked DUMBO Bookstore To Curate Williamsburg Bookstore: Gothamist

Maybe there’s some muddled metaphor for America in that. Or maybe it’s only tempting to look for one because there’s such hunger for a hint of the way forward. Maybe it’s not a metaphor. Maybe we’re on our own. Maybe it’s just a macaque.

What’s a Monkey to Do in Tampa? -

Since 2009, Yates estimates that he has gone after the animal on roughly 100 different occasions. The monkey was his white whale. He claimed to have darted it at least a dozen times, steadily upping the tranquilizer dosage, to no avail. The animal is too wily — it retreats into the woods and sleeps off the drug. A few times, the monkey stared Yates right in the eye and pulled the dart out.

What’s a Monkey to Do in Tampa? -

Priceless, the 53 best obnoxious responses to misspellings on Facebook…

some times the old school defintion is so much cooler.

RT @awryone: Everybody should have a pregnant woman chase them at least once in their life.

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To the girl staring at the box I had on the subway, I didn’t mean it when I said “how else are you supposed to transport tarantulas?”

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92YTribeca: Music. Film. Comedy. Talks. Classes. (via 92ndStreetY)

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