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Nerdcore Rising @ 92st Y

<i>Nerdcore Rising</i>New York Premiere. MC Frontalot and band will join Negin Farsad in a post-screening discussion.

Investigating the newest wave of hip-hop, Nerdcore Rising follows the godfather of the genre, MC Frontalot, on his first national tour. Beginning in South Carolina and culminating in nerd mecca - the Penny Arcade Gaming Convention in Seattle - masses of fans across the country come out to bask in the Front’s geek glory as he strives to achieve mainstream success.

Music industry notables provide insight, including music-nerd celebrities Weird Al Yankovic and Jello Biafra. Old school trailblazers like Prince Paul and contemporary hip hop aficionados like J-Live examine the legitimacy of nerdcore as a subgenre of hip hop.

buy tickets at the 92stY’s website!

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