OMG EUROVISION 2007 to 2013! Verka Serduchka vs. Psy – Gangnam Style Remix

This is an awesome mashup of Verka Serduchka and Psy’s Gangham Style. 

Verka Serduchka is the Ukranian drag queen pop star and the the second place winner of Eurovision 2007. Verka is most FAVORITE eurovision star ever. I have spent so much time with Leah dancing to Gop Gop.  

Eurovison Malmo – you MUST MUST MUST invite Psy and Verka to perform together!!! This is the most awesome mashup ever and do you know how fucking cool Eurovision would become globally if you did this!? IT would be MASSSSIVE – like MASSSIVE – and Malmo will forever be known as the pop culture capital of creative geniuses. 

This is an epic remix.

Many people believe that living on the Web grants them membership in an exalted class to which old laws cannot possibly apply. This sort of arrogance takes your breath away, until you realize just how brilliant a corporate strategy it is. If you stopped to reckon with every 80-year-old zoning law or tried to change the ones that you knew your customers would violate, you’d never even open for business.

When the laws of the system become easier to understand and open to being changed, the current agents controlling the system, and potentially abusingit, lose power. That’s what Docracy is doing, and I believe it is some of the most important work that any startup is working on right now.