Which brings me to making a living on the farm. It’s always a debate. Is it making a living if you don’t have money to treat cats humanely? Because most farmers won’t spend the money to spay cats. Is it making a living if the wife works off-farm? Because most farm families today need someone working off-farm, at least for the health insurance.

What are we working for, really? | Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist for god sake, please stop this woman from blogging. she’s making my lizard brain cry out in agony! 4chan where are you when we need you?

Women are under real pressure to have kids, though. They have a biological clock. So women who are the typical age of entrepreneurs—25—need to be looking for someone to mate with. Think about it. If you want to have kids before you’re 35—when your biological clock explodes—then you need to start when you’re 30, allowing for one miscarriage, which is more probable than most young people think. If you need to start having kids when you’re 30, you probably need to meet the guy you’re going to marry by the time you’re 27, so you can date for a year, get married, and live together for a year before kids. If you need to meet that guy by 27, you are very distracted during your prime startup time. (I have done years of research to come to this conclusion. Here’s the post.)

to me, a full fledged “internet” society has their own meme. case in point, ROLFcon & KnowYourMeme. two weeks ago, before heading into Iraq, i was looking for examples of arab internet memes. @timhwang pointed out Eden Abergil and Makmende. Now my buddy Josh heller points out the following classic meme.

الابتسامه القاتله “Vulgar Smile”

This video is very funny. It’s also killing it in Saudi Arabia. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a funny viral from the Arab world. I need to brush up on my Arabic to locate more “Vulgar Smiles” (Though this guy is Filipino)

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First of all, these people aren’t “New Yorkers,” These are spoiled, post-college, suburban brats that have transplanted to NYC and are spouting some kind of image in order to convince their friends and family back home(but more so themselves)that they are now trendy city folk. Since none of them have friends or a social network, these bike protests, war protests, and any other protest is done as an alternative to singles bars or Starbucks. It also allows them to act out their ex-hippie drug college instructor’s brain-washing them into thinking that they can “change the world.”

by hartman18 in NYU School of Medicine study shows drunk cyclists getting injured on the road – NYPOST.com -> My comment, “I FRACKING LOVE THE POST’S COMMENT SECTION. IT’S THE WASTEBASKET OF THE INTERNET!”


Dollar Van Demos

From the Borough of Brooklyn comes Dollar Van Demos: a showcase of talented musicians, rappers and comedians performing inside a dollar van with real passengers.

Dollar vans provide a much-needed transportation for neighborhoods under-served by mass transit. Typically operated by West Indian drivers, the ride is cheap, adventurous and now immensely entertaining with the addition of performers singing their hearts out.

The year-old web series is a showcase of musical artists inside a Brooklyn dollar van with real passengers. The filmmakers call the results ‘reality music videos’ that are fresh, unpredictable and whole lot of fun.

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