“For my students to see themselves on the big screen and to get that sense of accomplishment that they really did something and other people are noticing them I think is really good for their confidence and future learning,” said Life Academy High School for Film and Music teacher Gideon Rafel-Frankel.

Student Filmmakers Make Debut At Tribeca – NY1

this is my homeboy gideon! hats off to you and your students!!

their story is both plausible and sobering. Plausible, because it brings so many aspects of the culture wars into sharper focus. Sobering, because the economic and cultural forces battering traditional family norms show no signs of abating – but the new, education-centered pathway to adulthood is often least accessible to those who need it most.

We have seen dozens of Apple’s print ads for the iPad in national newspapers and magazines, all of which have been variations on the same theme: An iPad sits comfortably on the lap of a user who is navigating the device with an index finger. In the ads featuring a male using the iPad, he is always shown reading the New York Times or Wall Street Journal, while the ads with female users always show her organizing picture albums or reading Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song.