I think a recent poll showed that 67 percent of people in America are finding the internet as their main news source. And for us to ignore that would be a huge mistake. So although I won’t be totally focused on the internet, I think we have to make sure that people who read newspapers get accurate information from the State Senate, people who are online, people who download video from their telephone, people who twitter – all of these platforms will be coordinated,” Brian Keeler said. “My job is to be the maestro and make sure they’re all playing the same song.

Security researchers Yoann Guillot and Julien Tinnes have found a way to encode malicious code into smileys and provided a proof of concept encoder to automate the process. The researchers said their discovery paves the way for IM malware that would be impossible to detect since the malicious code would be ‘indistinguishable from genuine chat messages.’ I’ve tested the proof of concept code which works very well. Time to panic?