C’était un rendez-vous. today’s vicarious adrenaline fix. french director claude lelouch’s unbelievable single-take film. he attached a camera to the front bumper of his car (there is some argument over whether it was a ferrari or a mercedes) and drove across paris at ridiculous speeds one early morning in 1976. the blur of pavement and engine sounds are simply intoxicating. from via geekfriendly > hud > machinetext:

Lessons learned in video games may transcend computers, PlayStations and Wiis. New research suggests that virtual worlds sway real-life choices. Twenty-two volunteers who played a cycling game learned to associate one team’s jersey with a good flavored drink and another team’s jersey with a bad flavored drink. Days later, ¾ of the subjects avoided the same jersey in a real-world test. Marketers and lawyers will take note.

Sufjan Stevens has a brand new song so far heard only by his closest friends — and one lucky Brooklynite. Alec Duffy of the Hoi Polloi theater company was awarded exclusive rights to “The Lonely Man of Winter.” In an effort to combat the impersonal experience of internet-leaked tracks, Duffy is inviting fans to his home for a unique listening party, complete with tea and cookies. Three sessions (limited to four people) each Wednesday until Feburary 25. Email to reserve a spot, and bring your own headphones if you have good ones.

tonight, i’m attending the 8pm listing. Brooklyn Based » Tip Sheet: Jan. 28 – Feb 3

‘A puff a day might keep Alzheimer’s away, according to marijuana research by professor Gary Wenk and associate professor Yannic Marchalant of the Ohio State Department of Psychology. Wenk’s studies show that a low dosage in the morning of a certain canavanoid, a component in marijuana, reversed memory loss in older rats’ brains. In his study, an experimental group of old rats received a dosage, and a control group of rats did not. The old rats that received the drugs performed better on memory tests, and the drug slowed and prevented brain cell death.’ My fine university’s dollars at work!